Touching Souls at Laney
(dedicated to Coach Peters, Inger Stark,
Angela Cherry Smith and President Odell Johnson)

A disciplined hand,
sorta hardcore in a way.
A principled man,
"no bull" players say.
For football is a game
that mimics life's parts
To a "T".
a defense,
and offense,
Knowing strategies
one cannot see.
But the ultimate goal
is not merely a ball
in a zone,
But a well rounded man,
with intellect,
skills, and tone.

A student's fear
soar with pain,
anguish, to bear.
propels them,
with yardage
To spare.

In Sociology
we learn,
With a flare
all her own.
Inger imparts
her warmth
to students, unknown.
For in her class,
the world unfolds
as you see
Stratification of classes
what makes a leader
To be.

Angela speaks
with her heart,
and moves with
her soul.
Her speech class
is famous
for humans,
she molds.
for her spirit
that will sooth.
Her students adore her,
for her words
nurture like food.

A student's tears
flow of pain.
anguish, to bear.
supports them,
When excellent,
and fair.

A President
of kind deeds,
the caring so deep.
The endless toil,
the lost hours of sleep.
Yet, Odell
does it all,
with a finesse
and a grace.
The countless hours
of work,
With a smile
On his face.

A student's tears
Flow of pain.
Anguish, to bear.
Education and wisdom
Helps them to soar,
When consistent and fair.

They say she's a nurse
a variety
all her own.
Broken bones
and souls,
are drawn to her
for the love,
That is shown.
For health care,
is not, really
about the disease.
It is about life and love,
and bringing the body
to ease.

A student's tears
flow of pain.
Anguish to bear,
heals them,
when nurturing
with care.

The stories
are many
Too many, to tell.
of the souls
that are touched
Of the lives
that are saved
Yet, few... know,
just how much!

Indra C. Thadani RN, MS