Why is our health care dollar rising ?

♦ There are Medicare deficits in State and Federal budgets
♦ Low reimbursement rates to certain states by Medicare (10% of our population
*consume 30% of the health care dollar and those over 60 years are growing in numbers)
*Providers are forced to shift these lost revenues to patients and/or organizations.
♦ The cost of prescription drugs have doubled since 1993
*(high cost television commercials and printed marketing strategies).
*Medications are wasted (e.g. once a patient is given a medication from the pharmacy,
*if for some reason the patient does not use it due to death or change in condition
*all the medication has to be thrown out. Millions of dollars are thrown out).
♦ New and expensive technology, more transplants, MRIs, etc.

What can we do to hold down costs?

The situation is complex so any corrections will be complex.
♦ Become more involved with your health care system so you can make more careful
*about choices.
♦ Become more aware of alternative or complementary health care (Americans are spending
*over 20 billion dollars on alternative health care because our traditional Western Health
*care cannot help them).
♦ Take an active role in improving one’s health, 50% of all morbidity and mortality is due to
*heart disease which we can control: weight management, exercise, smoking,
*stress management, & diet.
♦ We also need to lower cholesterol, saturated fats and processed sugars and get
*adequate sleep.
♦ Wellness programs are cost effective to employers by decreasing sick time and
*improving productivity.

Wellness Ways